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这里是 WordPress 主题 Goule 的官方页面,目前的最新版本是 1.0.3,下载地址:GitHub


Goule 是一个基于 Bootstrap 开发的单栏响应式 WordPress 主题,界面简单干净,可以同时兼容手机和电脑屏幕,定位是小型个人博客主题。目前已提交到官方的主题目录,尚在审核中,暂时可以在 GitHub 下载试用。



Goule 1.0.2 screenshot



  1. 下载包含主题文件的压缩包(下载地址见上一节)
  2. 将压缩包的内容解压并上传到WordPress根目录下的wp-content/themes/ 文件夹下
  3. 将解压或上传后的主题目录名称更改为goule
  4. 在WordPress后台激活使用


  1. 主题可以自定义导航菜单(位于博客名称之下),可以到后台导航 -> 菜单 进行相关设置
  2. 导航菜单使用了wp-bootstrap-navwalker,提供了一些额外功能。例如:在导航菜单项中插入 Glyphicons 图标。具体可以参考 wp-bootstrap-navwalker的说明。可用的 Glyphicons 可以在 Bootstrap 的网站上找到
  3. 网站的档案页面可以同时显示TAG、分类、日期、附件的列表,如果需要使用可以新建一个页面,选择使用档案(Archives) 模板即可
  4. 主题的定位是小型博客,注册登陆这样的功能不是特别需要(小型博客很少有固定用户),所以登陆和登出链接设置在页面最下方,比较隐蔽(考虑到一般只有管理员会用到)
  5. 管理员登陆后如果需要直接在文章页面跳转到编辑页面,点击顶部 Admin bar 上的编辑文章即可(多数主题在登陆后会有文章旁边放置一个“编辑”按钮),如果你禁用了 Admin bar,可能会有点不方便

Here is the official website of Goule, a WordPress theme developed by me, its lastest version is 1.0.3.

The latest version can be found at GitHub(click to download page) .


Goule is a free responsive single-column WordPress theme with Bootstrap bundled. It's simple, clean and compatible with mobile devices and desktop screens. Goule was designed for small blogs.

I have submitted Goule to WordPress official theme repository, but is still under reviewing. You may download a zip package on GitHub for a try.


Goule 1.0.2 screenshot



  1. Download the zip package(See Dowload section above)
  2. Follow the official guidance for add a new theme

How to Use

  1. To configure the navigation menu(located under the blog title), go to Appearance > Menus
  2. The navigation menus makes use of wp-bootstrap-navwalker for some wonderful functions. For example: adding Glyphicons icon bundled in Bootstrap to a menu item. More detail can be found here. Available Glyphicons can be found here. A readme.txt, located at directory root of this theme, also contains details about how to use this
  3. An useful archive page template is delivered with Goule, which is capable of listing TAGs, categoies, date archives, attachment archives on a single page. To use this, create a new page and choose the template Archives
  4. This theme is aimed for small blog using, that is why login/logout button is put at bottoms of pages rendered with small-sized text. Also for the same reason, no Edit button will be found at post/page even if you are logged in as an administrator, because users are expected to use Edit Page/Edit Post link on the Admin bar which will be shown after logged in. I know this will cause some inconvenience to those who have disabled the Admin bar. I'm sorry for that. :(

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  1. 主题不错 希望能有双栏版本

    1. lichifeng lichifeng


  2. 已用上,来表示一下感谢~

    1. 使用上有什么问题可以问我

  3. Robin Robin

    CSS里改了一下单独页面中标题右边那个小房子的位置,这样在手机浏览器上看起来就不会被挡住了。测试了IOS 10.2下的safari和chrome显示正常,安卓随便找了个华为自带的浏览器也正常。
    .entry-title-buttons a {
    color: #999 !important;
    font-size: 0.8em;
    margin-left: auto;

    1. M14 M14

      感谢,我其实也发现过这个问题了,只是 WordPress 官方主题库的审核时间太漫长,我发现这个问题的时候已经进入最后审核阶段,如果改掉整个流程就要全部重来一遍

  4. Jerome Jerome


    How can I remove small home button in the right corner of your theme?

    Thank you.

    1. M14 M14

      Just add display: none; to .entry-title-buttons a in style.css